Beau Brannon

I am a 2D animator based in Nashville, TN, with a passion for smooth movement, stunning design, and the wonder you get from motion.

I developed a passion for drawing at an early age and dreamed of becoming an animator. Eventually, I changed direction and followed in my mother’s footsteps, studying graphic design at Arkansas State. I have over 9 years of experience designing graphics, websites, and marketing for the luxury automotive industry…

But animation is my JAM! It smooshes my love of creativity, problem solving, and technology into a medium that connects stories with the audience so magically.

I also enjoy creating various forms of art, from illustration to pastels, macro-photography, and music. I have been a vinyl collector and a hobbyist DJ/musician for many years. I love nature and feel right at home outdoors. Meditation is another passion of mine, and I find it deeply rewarding and endlessly fascinating. I choose to see the beauty, creativity, and humor in everything.